2010, August 4th Breakfast Gathering at Hollie Pate O'Keeffe's apartment - August 2010

Hollie graciously opened her "cobertura" apartment to the AmSoc community and at least 30 early risers showed up.  Even though the weather had not been friendly for some time in Rio, the rain drops held off falling on our heads for this morning fest.  Members and many interested in becoming members showed up for the nice hot coffee, home baked muffins, pão de queijo and friendly camaraderie.

The group was lively, friendly and many new faces made for interesting conversations.  Fonte da Saudade is a wonderfully bucolic neighborhood as those who found their way there appreciated.  Quiet and out of the way, its hilly terrain gives the buildings in the area a superb view of the Lagoa with the Dois Irmãos mountians in the background.

A bit past noon we trickled out, down the wonderful circular, wooden staircase and down the cobble stoned street to the taxi stand not far below. 

We thank Hollie for being such a wonderful hostess in this first, of hopefully many, breakfast gatherings.

Marília Sarkis, Guest, Lindsay Duval, Anna Whyte
and Fernanda Carvalho.
  Eva Lawlor shares stories with Hollie Pate O'Keeffe.

Regina Franco chats with Christina Mazurkevich.   Jackie Stern and guest.
Vanica Royster mingles with a circle of new members.   Guests and Johnnie Walker.
New and old members socialize over fresh coffee,
pão de quiejo and home baked muffins.
  President Lindsay Duval welcomes everyone
to the breakfast gathering.
Governor Vanica Royster introduces herself
to new members.
  Guest, Eva Lawlor and Anna Whyte.

New member and Maília Sarkis.   Lindsay Duval presents our gracious hostess,
Hollie Pate O'Keefe, with a few Cajun gifts from
her home town of New Orleans.


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