The Second American Society Pancake Breakfast (in Barra) - September 2010

On Saturday, September 11, almost 100 American Society members and guests gathered at the Barra Campus of the American School to eat the most American of breakfasts, pancakes. Although it took a few iterations, the volunteer team found the perfect recipe and flipped approximately 1,000 fluffy pancakes which guests doused in authentic maple syrup flown in from the States. Conversation flowed around the tables and the book exchange was a great success. Many thanks to our skillful pancake chefs, our support team including the kitchen staff and guards, and all our members and guests.

Stephanie Marie Rabang and Caren Addis Botelho (who led
this breakfast effort) start mixing the first batch of pancakes.
  Mark Bures with his daughter, Isabela,
and the Renaud-Lanteigne family.

Jim Kappeler and Eric Smedstad.
Michael Royster and Stephanie Marie Rabang.

Lu Kappeler butters up.
  Laney, Lexie and John Benson.
Tai Chi movement 1 presented by Kate Stewart.  
Ewa Lawlor, Ana Whyte, Regina Franco,
Rick Franco, and Lindsay Duval.
Anna Whyte with her lovely daughters, Claudia and Stephanie.
  Helena Rabang, guest, and Lindsay Duval.

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