America's Day - May 2012


Come and Have Fun with Family and Friends!

Saturday, May 26th,

from noon to 4pm at Escola Americana - Gávea Campus.


Payment at door!
Members: R$40
Non- members: 60
Childern: 7- 12: R$ 20            0-6: free


It’s family picnic party time and you don’t even have to bring a basket! On Saturday, May 26th, American Society Rio will present, as it does each and every year, its biggest celebration of American life here in Rio – America’s Day. It will take place from noon to 4:00pm on the green field of the Gávea campus of the American School of Rio de Janeiro (EARJ).

Want music? We’ve got the River Country Trio, featuring Americans Tony Lupidi, Steve Yolen and Peter Warner, performing traditional American bluegrass and gospel. Want more music? Comin’ right up with Banda ArizonA, back by popular request from America’s Day 2011, with their mix of rock, country, pop and more.

Want great eats? Can’t get more American than grilled hamburgers and hot dogs served with catsup, mustard and real pickle relish, now can you! There’ll also be the usual side dishes of potato and other salads, Garytos tortilla chips and many more yummy goodies, maybe even burritos (we’re workin’ on it)!

Want liquid refreshment? We’ve got FREE soft drinks provided by American Society Rio’s Platinum Sponsor Coca-Cola Brasil. And who says there’s no such thing as FREE beer? We’ll have it, both on tap and bottled, generously provided by local brew pub Lapa Café.

But by now you’re thinkin’, “What about fun for the kids?” No problem! We’ve got a set of tables run by volunteers who will guarantee to keep all the young ‘uns happy as clams all afternoon. We’ll also have plenty of family games, such as egg toss and three-legged races. If you’re lucky, you might find yourself pitching a few horsehoes!

Want to win some terrific raffle prizes? We’ve got loads of those, including weekends, home decorations, meals and all manner of other nifty stuff. Raffle tickets will be available for purchase on the day of the event. Naturally, the more you buy, the better your chances to win! All proceeds from our raffles go to support charitable organizations in Rio de Janeiro.

Want to register to vote in the upcoming US elections? We’ll have people there to help you do that, too! They’ll be coming with laptops, ready to get you registered and your absentee ballot requested online, on the spot.

America’s Day 2012 admission is free for kids through age 6, R$20 for those 7-12 and R$40 for paid up American Society members; non-members pay R$60. Tickets can be purchased at the door.

So, if you’re in the mood for a really good, family fun afternoon, one where it seems almost like the America you knew back when (probably most of you didn’t have the palm trees), come out and join us on Saturday, May 26th!


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