The following are Community Organisations we have links with and support with our gifts. Members of Christ Church are involved in various ways with each of them.



On Christmas Day 2011 at the Mission Church in Rio das Pedras in Jacarepaguá, we celebrated Holy Communion,  as we do at least every other Sunday during the year. This was a special occasion, followed by a lunch prepared by the mothers in the Community, and then we distributed the gaily wrapped Shoeboxes, with their surprise gifts, prepared and given by members of Christ Church. All were delighted with their gifts and send their heartfelt thanks to Christ Church, photos can be seen on the church notice boards.

This is not the only way Christ Church supports the work of the Mission however. Throughout the year, every weekday, the Mission building is alive with children. Maria Saraiva, helped by her wheelchair-bound daughter, Raquel, who live at the Mission, run a Crèche where very young children are cared for during the whole day while their mothers, (or fathers in some cases!) are out working.  Then for at least half the day, when they are not attending regular school, older children go to the Mission to receive supplementary schooling, not only helping them to understand and do their school work, but keeping them off the streets and out of mischief.

All the children receive a good home-cooked meal as well as a small “lanche” at half time. This is essential as they all come from very poor, or broken home situations and often do not get enough to eat at home. The little ones have a bath and are often put into clean clothes from the store that Maria keeps for the purpose.

Maria herself, a qualified teacher, has to employ another teacher, Renata, to help with the supplementary schooling and it is the monthly donation given by Christ Church that pays Renata’s salary.
Roy & Noreen


Boys’ Town near Petropolis

Recent changes due to government restrictions and ruling have meant a change in the Boy’s Town profile. We no longer continue as a Shelter with boys in full time care, but are now reaching out to whole families “at risk” with a Kindergarten for about 200 children, a full time daily crèche catering for up to 30 babies and very young children, whose mothers need to go out to work to sustain the family. We also continue to help former boys and their families to live, and maintain the family together, through a Day Care program giving practical help to keep the boys “off the streets”. For more information contact – Noreen Smith ronosmith@gmail.com



Following from last weeks note: The daycare on the Morro Boavista in Niteroi at present has 35 children under the age of 7. The numbers will only increase when their financial situation stabilizes. They need prayer and practical help to keep on running. It is quite a large community and there are many children who would benefit from being in the daycare. A group will possibly come from Northern Ireland in July 2012 to do repair work on the daycare such as fixing playground equipment, painting walls, fixing roofs and fences around the sports court. They also need food, office supplies, educational toys, sheets for little mattresses. Above all this daycare has been a good Christian witness in a community where there is so much need. The medical outpatient clinic in the center of Niteroi gives medical consultations at reduced prices. The vocational training center offers courses at affordable prices also on the outskirts of Niteroi. Pray that God will provide the finances necessary to keep this project running.
Contact Gaynor at gaynorrs@uol.com.br, tel. 2617-8867 or 9292-8240, or check their website at www.reencontro.org.br. A donation to Christ Church will also help us to continue supporting this charity. 


Working World (Mundo do Trabalho)

For some years now Christ Church has contributed towards the maintenance of a project set up by the NGO São Martinho, which has been working for over 25 years with young people from low income communities or who live on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. The project comprises a school accommodating around 600 adolescents (15 -18 years) from homes with less than two minimum salaries. The curriculum aims to prepare the pupils for employment in industry via the official Apprenticeship scheme foreseen in Brazilian law (number 10.097  of 19.12.2000). Basically, there are a series of intensive courses of training in office skills – computer skills, telephone, fax, filing, Portuguese, personal relations, office-boy and –girl duties, as well as ethics, citizenship, and a spiritual course contributed by our Anglican Diocese.

Between 20 and 30 companies participate as the law requires. After three months of intensive training at the school the pupils go to the offices of one of the companies for a period of about one year and nine months as apprentices receiving a minimum salary, with work card and allthe fringe benefits required by law for employees. Petrobras, with over 200 student apprentices, Coca Cola, and Hewlett Packard are among multinational participants and there are Government bodies such as BNDES and FIOCRUZ with substantial groups of students. During the apprenticeship period São Martinho maintains contact with the students providing sometimes supplementary courses in classrooms provided by the host company. There is intense competition among young people to enter our courses, because a large number of the apprentices are taken on by their company as full-time employees. São Martinho therefore maintains an entrance examination for candidates who have completed or are about to complete their basic schooling and some companies, like Petrobras, make their own additional selection process.

The school building belongs to the Anglican Diocese and maintenance, cleanliness and new installations are our responsibility, while São Martinho, with the support of the Carmelite Province, looks after the teaching side. This fruitful partnership is an illustration of Christian cooperation between brothers in the faith.

More information on www.saomartinho.org.br under Mundo do Trabalho.
Donations to Christ Church will help us to support this deserving project.
Ben Gilbert (gilbert@infolink.com.br or gilbert@far.fiocruz.br ) is Christ Church’s representative at the “Mundo do Trabalho”.


Womans Diocesan Association - WDA  

The WDA is a dedicated group of ladies who meet every Tuesday 8.00 -12 pm, at Christ Church, to make marmalades, chutneys and jams from traditional English recipes; as well as handicrafts and sorting donations. The Christmas Fair includes Christmas cakes, puddings, mincemeat, mince pies and crackers all handmade. Empty jam jars, clothes, household items, CDs, videos. etc. can be donated in office hours. Any unsold items are distributed through other organisations. All funds raised go to local charities. More volunteers are always welcome as are donations:  

Contact is WDA President Anne Robinson through the Church Office chchurch@terra.com.br


Second Hand Books

We have a huge selection of books, some of which are in superb condition, which are sorted and prepared by a small and dedicated group of volunteers. They are sold for just $R2,00 each and the money is used to help those in great need. Donations of books are always welcome, as are volunteers who have a few hours to spare.

Contact is through the Church Office chchurch@terra.com.br



Cooperative Center for the Development of Children and Teenagers, is an organization that works with children at risk. Their mission is to undertake and support social and educational activities in the community – working with government schools and universities for the holistic and healthy development of children and adolescents, based on Christian social responsibility. You can help this dynamic organization by making a donation to Christ Church.

For more information you can visit their website, www.ccdia.org or contact Altair or his wife Maysa at ccdia@ccdia.org, tel: 2613.2900.



(Costura e lactário pró-infância), They meet on Rua Bambina 160 Botafogo, and hold a weekly garage sale and run a homework hour program when volunteers help children who come down from Dona Marta Favela, with crafts, homework, providing lunch etc. Volunteers are always welcome.

Contact PTA pta@britishschool.g12.br

On the Christ Church site there are PTA blue bins all year round, making it easy to drop in donations.  



Foreign Prisoners Fellowship (registered British Charity no. 1069769) - a Christian prison ministry in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. The work includes the regular visiting of foreign prisoners in various prisons, the distribution of Bibles and Christian literature to Christian and interested inmates, the supply of basic material needs (toiletries, stationery, stamps, etc), assisting inmates to maintain contact via post and internet with families, friends and loved ones abroad, and acting as liaison between inmates and their respective consulates.

Prior to 2008 foreign prisoners were held in custody until their expulsion to country of origin on completion of sentence. In that year they began to be released to fend for themselves until expulsion, their hardship aggravated by the long delays (2 to 18 months) that precede expulsion from Brazil. This situation has brought a substantial increase in FPF's work to include the provision of shelter, food, medication, transport and, when possible, some employment for destitute foreign prisoners after their release. A total of 29 female and 8 male ex prisoners, some of them from British Commonwealth countries, have received such assistance,  with help from the BCS and Christ Church. The mission is looking for prayer partners and volunteers to help with prison visiting and caring for ex prisoners.

You can also help FPF by donating via Christ Church.
For more information you can access their UK website (under construction) http://www.cmi-fpf.org.uk/index1.html, or contact John Sapieha, john@vetor.com.br, tel: 2256.0772 / 9152 3711.

Street Mass Ministry, Rio de Janeiro.

Dom Celso Franco de Oliveira, a Bishop in the Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil – IEAB – www.ieab.org.br and a good friend to Christ Church, is the force behind a Project for helping the street people of Rio de Janeiro. In an article in The Franciscan Times, he reports as follows:

“Our mission is to restore the face of God in the crippled look of our brothers and sisters. It all began in 2004 when I was at the General Convention of the Episcopal Church, held in Columbus, Ohio. At that time I learned of Rev Debbie Little’s  “Ecclesia Ministries”, and how she developed her ministry among the homeless in Boston, and this made me think of Rio de Janeiro, whose city center has been taken over by a large population of homeless, hungry, dirty individuals, whose dignity as human beings has been taken away. Returning to Brazil, I felt deeply touched by the situation of these people in the center of a city that is called the Marvelous City, but has its ugly side. So I decided to start a street pilgrimage among the street dwellers. After much praying and preparation, the ministry was inaugurated during Christmas 2006, and continues without interruption, taking place every Saturday in the Praça São Francisco de Paula, where we celebrate the Eucharist. We also distribute a simple meal for 100 street people as well as giving them clothes, simple medicines, soaps and toothpaste.  Thanks to the Associação São Martinho, we now have the use of a building where we can offer more to help these people regain their dignity.”

Bishop Celso can be contacted at celsofranco@osite.com.br

(this is an edited excerpt. For the full report contact Chris Hieatt at Hieatt@terra.com.br






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