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The International Club of Rio de Janeiro (InC) is a non-profit organization, founded in 1965 by a group of English-speaking women living in Rio de Janeiro. Membership in the InC is open to English-speaking people of all nationalities residing in Rio de Janeiro. The club is a non-profit organization, registered under Brazilian law, which offers a wide range of activities to all our members from both the expatriate and local communities.

How to join

InC membership runs from January-December of each year. The current cost of InC membership can be found on the Membership Application Form.

You can join by: Registering online or completing a membership form and handing it in, together with payment, to an Executive Board member at any of our monthly activities or events; membership forms are also available at these events.

Benefits of InC Membership


General Meetings

Every InC member is invited to participate in our monthly General Meetings (usually held on the last Tuesday of each month at 10:30 am) which feature different guest speakers/lecturers on a wide ranging variety of topics. Details of this month's GM can be found here.

The Echo

Our monthly newsletter, The ECHO, contains current information about the InC's monthly activities and services, informative and entertaining articles from our contributors, and other items of interest to people residing in Rio. This monthly newsletter is sent to you by email and is also available on this website.



New Members Gatherings

New members and potential new members are invited to attend a special New Members Gathering at the start of their membership. These informal occasions are specifically geared to provide newcomers with useful information about the International Club and its activities as well as about life in Rio in a casual setting.


Generally on the 2nd (Zona Sul) and the 3rd (Barra) Tuesday of the month, one of our members opens his or her home for a "Cafezinho" (Portuguese for a "little coffee"). Cafezinhos are informal gatherings with the purpose of keeping in touch with other InC members, forming friendships and making new acquaintances, and obtaining updates on the Club's activities. These events are held in the morning and snacks and light refreshments are provided.


Members are welcome to participate in our various organized activities. Among those offered at the time of this writing: Bridge, Bookclub, Tennis and Fun Cooking Club. For more information about our various clubs please contact  an Executive Board member at any of our monthly activities / events, check our latest news page as we often advertise for a specific activity, or e-mail:

The Web

Members have unlimited access to our website at where you can login to find up-to-date information about current events and activities, download The Echo and the InConnection, renew your membership, pay for tickets and much more!

As an InC member you are welcome to attend virtually all organized InC events. Some events, such as our cultural tours, have a nominal charge. You can find all current InC events by clicking here.

Volunteer Opportunities

By participating in the InC you have the opportunity to volunteer for a number of roles within our community. The InC is run by you and for you – opportunities exist to volunteer for the InC Executive Board, for our active Charity Committee or for specific event / activity committees which are set up as needed throughout the year.

To volunteer, contact an Executive Board member at any of our monthly activities / events, check our latest news page as we often advertise for a specific role, or e-mail:

By contributing your ideas you can make living in Rio much more enjoyable for all of us! We look forward to having you as a member!


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