What We Do


The InC holds a variety of events and activities each month – here's just a taste of what you can expect ...

Monthly General Meetings

Each month, our general meeting features a different guest speaker/lecturer who talks about a wide variety of topics. Members also have the chance to catch up, both with each other and with what is happening in and around Rio, to sign up for upcoming tours and events and to participate in a raffle drawing that benefits the club's sponsored charities. InC General Meetings are usually held on the last Tuesday of each month starting at 10:30 am. Details can be found on the InC Calendar by clicking here

Monthly Cafezinhos (Coffee Mornings)

Every month, generally on the 2nd and 3rd Tuesday, one of our members opens his or her home to host a "Cafezinho." The term "cafezinho" is Portuguese for "little coffee." These are informal gatherings that help you keep in touch with other InC members and obtain updates on the Club's activities. Snacks and light refreshments are provided. Details can be found on the InC Calendar by clicking here

Cultural Tours

The InC frequently offers day trips to various landmarks, museums and other points of interest in Rio. This is a real chance to get out and explore much of what Rio has to offer. There are also opportunities to take overnight trips both within Brazil and in neighboring Latin American countries. Depending on the time of year, there is usually one InC tour a month, but sometimes there are more.

Happy Hours

Many InC activities take place during the day, but InC Happy Hours offer a chance to stay in touch with InC friends in the early evening and to bring along partners or friends who may not be able to attend daytime events. The InC organizes Happy Hours in many of the major neighborhoods of Rio, so that all our members, regardless of where they live, have a chance to attend one close to home.

Special Events

The InC organizes special events throughout the year, such as theme dinners, parties, and an annual fund-raising event, as well as family events such as picnics and other outings. We normally charge a nominal fee for attendance at these events, to help offset the expenses to the club. These events are announced here.