Birthday Celebrations at Luta Pela Paz, Thursday October 25


Join Anna for the Birthday Celebrations at Luta Pela Paz



Luta Pela Paz is an organization located in one of Rio's unpacified favelas - Complexo da Maré.  It provides after-school sports (martial arts, boxing, capoeira) and educational opportunities (high school equivalency studies, computer skills, hygiene and personal care) to youth aged 8-29 years old that keeps youth off the dangerous streets of Complexo da Maré and improves their opportunities for a better future

In many cases, the only birthday celebration that the youth of Luta Pela Paz have, is the one that the InC provides each month.  But we can not do it without YOU!  If you can make a contribution it will greatly help us make May Birthdays a fun celebration.

If you would like more information about the visit, parties, or can make a donation of cash, pls contact Anna at: