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Since its founding in 1917, one of the fundamental missions of the American Society of Rio de Janeiro has been to play a role in serving local underserved communities, mainly through raising funds to help those less fortunate in Rio and though volunteering activities.


Over the years, the American Society has raised funds for carefully selected local NGO's -- those with a demonstrated track record of success in the communities in which they operate. In recent years the focus has been on programs oriented towards youth. American Society members meet regularly with the founders of the NGOs as well as the youth being assisted and monitor progress in their activities so that members can know that their donations and volunteering activities are worthwhile.


In recent years the American Society has supported the following NGOs: 


-  Art & Social Transformation (www.artsandsocialtransformation.com) is an international platform of arts development where high school age young artists from low income families, and from area of risk, come together to improve their talents, and to create new arts together with their peers, as well as individually.


-  Vila dos Sonhos/Onda Solidaria’s ( www.ondasolidaria.org ) mission is to foster social inclusion by generating opportunities in low-income communities in Brazil and to stimulate awareness and participation amongst individuals in various parts of the world. It also runs an educational eco-retreat just outside Rio offering children from urban favelas the opportunity to experience nature and the environment and to learn about protecting the environment, recycling, permaculture, organic gardening, and nutrition. Finally, Onda Solidaria provides soccer coaching and clinics to underserved youth from the communities of São Cristavão.


-  Projeto Uere  (www.projetouere.org.br) is an educational facility that utilizes breakthrough innovative techniques using the principles of the Uere methodology to teach children with emotional and mental learning issues. The NGO operates in the Mare community.  


-  Il Sorriso (www.ilsorrisodeimieibimbi.org) is an educational facility in Rocinha that focuses on reading and writing prep for 3-6 year olds and life-lessons for teens, including post-school supplementary classes in computer literacy, English, and the arts. It also offers psychological counseling and operates an organic kitchen garden project to educate youth about health and nutrition.


-  Brayce (www.brayce.org) enlists US and Brazilian resources to provide intercultural exchanges and educational and leadership opportunities for the advancement of marginalized Brazilian youth. It focuses on youth aged 14-18 years old, mentoring them on leadership skills and team building skills.  


-  Abrigo (www.abrigopedradeguaratiba.org.br) is an orphanage for newborns and children aged 7 years old and younger.  


If you would like to be involved as a volunteer and/or know of a charitable institution that the American Society may be able to assist, please send us an e-mail (contact.amsoc@gmail.com).


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