We’ve had a busy month since the last newsletter. Our pancake breakfast at the OLM was attended by over 100 people, who enjoyed delicious American-style pancakes freshly made under the supervision of our head chefs, Jim Kappeler and Michael Royster.


Twenty-four people showed up to the architectural tour guided by Architect Barbara Iseli, who impressed even long-term residents of Rio with her knowledge of the history of the area around Praça XV and Praça Mauá. We plan similar tours next year.


Our November speaker Michael Kepp regaled its 20-person audience with his insightful looks into Brazilian culture as seen by a gringo, which was followed by a lively discussion as not everyone agreed with all his generalizations.


The 60 or so persons who attended the Berni gallery associated with the Argentine Consulate were wowed by Peter Palashevsky's large and complex black-and-white works. As the artist put it, the works questioned the world of contemporary art itself in all of its intellect, commerce and glamour.


We are now excited for the big event of the year, the Thanksgiving dinner, which is extra special on this 100th anniversary of the American Society of Rio de Janeiro, with live jazz music by Alma Thomas, fine wine with dinner, a slide presentation of old photos from past years, including from our 50th anniversary, interesting AmSoc stories from past years, and the presenting of the Ralph Greenberg. Last, but not least, there will an opportunity to win fabulous raffle prizes, including international and domestic airline tickets. We are delighted that this event is now sold out.


We have only one additional event this year, which is a talk on Aging Well by Neuro-Psychologist Lilian Scheinman, highlights of which are given below, with more details on our website:


Speaker Series: Dr. Lilian Scheinkman: Aging Well


Thursday, December 7, 7-9 pm


Sociedade Germania, Rua Antenor Rangel 210


R$10 AmSoc and Germania members; R$20 others - payment at the door


 * Restaurant will be open

 * Free parking available


All talks are open to the English- speaking communities.

Bring along your family, friends and collegues!

No reservations necessary!!!


Those interesting in attending a Christmas event with other English speakers should join the Traditional English Christmas organized by the British and Commonwealth Society (BCS) with food prepared by French chef extraordinaire, Chef Joel. Enjoy succulent roast turkey, rich gravy, stuffing, bread sauce, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, pigs-in-blankets and cranberry sauce, and for dessert delicious Christmas pudding with warm brandy butter sauce. 


Don’t miss their special Christmas bazaar with h​ome-made gourmet goodies: pork pies, ginger snaps, shortbread cookies, scones, jams, rich chocolate brownies, Minas honey, Minas cachaça, exotic spices, organic coffee, lemon pie and much more…

There will also be a Christmas Show featuring Fiona and friends from the BCS community, caroling around the piano with Martin Hester, and Art & Social Transformation youth performing favorite Christmas songs!

Saturday. December 9, starting at 1 pm

Jubilee Hall, Rua Real Grandeza 99, Botafogo

​      ​Tickets:  R$​80 per person​ for BCS Members; R$100 for others​
​      ​Under 8 and over 80 receive 50% discount! 

Free Parking available.

RSVP to Monica at:

In support of Art & Social Transformation



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