Newsletter: April 2018
Dear Members and Supporters,
Before talking about past and upcoming events I have some news to report:

 Marília Sarkis, our Office Manager, who started as an intern eight years ago, has informed us that she is leaving at the end of the month to pursue a career in the hotel industry in Europe. She has been the face of continuity at the Society, getting to know most of the members and all of the Board members. She was dedicated to AmSoc and carried out her many responsibilities efficiently and without hesitation. We will miss her greatly but understand that she would like to explore a new career in a new continent. Thanks Marilia! We wish you the best of success in your new career!
Marília has the following message for us: "I'd like to really thank the American Society for the opportunities and knowledge they gave me. It has been a pleasure working with you all those years and meeting so many wonderful people during all this time. I will always remember you and hope we can meet again sometime... here in Rio or in Europe."

 Next, let me introduce Daniane Mary Ikenami, who we have contracted to be our events coordinator, while also carrying out the tasks carried out by Marília. Daniane has been an Ambassador at InterNations for the last two years. In 2017, she and another Rio InterNations Ambassador beat out over 950 other Ambassadors in the innovations category given to the Ambassador who consistently "comes up with highly innovative ideas, providing unique themes and/or locations to the members." We look forward to having her organize some innovative AmSoc events. Stay tuned! 
We also have a change in our Board membership: Carmen Tedesco, who was instrumental in getting our website fully functional, increasing our Facebook presence, and getting us on Twitter and LinkedIn, has left for greener pastures in Europe. We are pleased that Bill Barry, the US Consul in Rio, will be filling in for him until the end of 2018. Farewell Carmen! Welcome Bill!

Our April 3rd speaker Yvonne Bezerra de Mello gave a excellent presentation on the work she is doing at Projeto Uerê, despite frequent power failures during the talk. AmSoc is proud to be supporting her work.

While only 7 people showed up to the architectural tour by Barbara Iseli, those who did were treated to a healthy walk and an informative talk, coming up with a better appreciation of the significance of modernist and brutalist architecture in Centro.

Rain washed out our April 15th hike. This is now scheduled for May 1st. A revised flyer will be sent out soon.

The Barra happy hour was an enormous success, with more than 30 people showing up to enjoy chatting with friends and making new ones  (pictures at It seems that there is demand for AmSoc events in Barra. This bodes well for America’s Day, as we are planning to hold at the American School in Barra this year. The date is still being finalized with September 1st being a likely date. Details coming soon!

Mark your calendars for other upcoming AmSoc events:

May 1:   Hike at Cachoeira dos Macacos
May 10: Yacht Club Happy Hour in Urca (reservation priority to members)
May 22: Lunch at Arab restaurant in Copacabana
May 26: Pancake Breakfast at OLM
June 10: Pakistani Lunch in Flamengo (reservation priority to members)
Renew your membership or join now to ensure that you can manage to go to all events.

Also mark your calendars for two other important events for Rio's English-speaking community:

First, there is the Cinco de Mayo Party: Come and enjoy the warm and welcoming hospitality of the US Consul General and his wife, Jimmy & Susan Story, as they celebrate Cinco de Mayo at their stunning Leblon private residence. The event will start at 8 pm on May 5th and cost R$200, which includes an authentic Mexican volante dinner, drinks, live entertainment and fun! All proceeds will go to support Art and Social Transformation. RSVP:

Then, on June 9, the BCS will commemorate the Queen’s birthday. If the event is anything like previous ones, it is not to be missed! Details coming soon.
Finally, the attached message from Karn Karlson of the US Consulate is relevant to our American members and supporters:
The 2018 mid-term elections are fast approaching, and they promise to be interesting. Meanwhile, there are a LOT of primaries and special elections to get through. For more info, go to, and select your home state in the red “Voters Start Here” section. Alternately, go to or email your Voting Assistance Team at:
See you soon at one of our upcoming events or at one of our Board meetings, which are open to all!

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