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Board Member
Kim King

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Kim Wright-King

American Citizen Services (ACS) Chief
Consular Section
U S. Consulate Rio de Janeiro

I’ve served in fast paced, high profile, high pressure posts--Addis Ababa (Political/Economic Reporting Officer-‘07-‘09), Port-au-Prince (Vice Consul -‘10-‘12), and Kabul (Grants Manager/Field Political Officer Liaison -’12-‘13). And more recently Consular Affairs (CA) HQ: Consular Systems and Technology, Passport Division, and more. Returning overseas (to Sao Paulo),  I have been a member of Consular Team Brazil for four years now. I started as an Non Immigrant Visa Deputy in Sao Paulo and currently serve as Rio's ACS Chief.

During my career prior to the Service, and as the owner and principal officer of 'the Wright Paths', I developed and coordinated sustainable solutions to meet unique challenges facing mid-sized non-profit organizations and public sector institutions. A clinical social worker by training, I provided special events, fundraising, focus group moderation, marketing, qualitative research, and (staff) diversity retention initiatives through my small business platforms.

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