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Jim Kappeler

Treasurer- JAMES KAPPELER, Retired 


I was born and raised in Northeast Ohio, and in 1968 received an undergraduate degree in business administration with a major in accounting from Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.   


I am married with two grown children, both born in Brazil, but now live in the States.   I also have two grandsons.


I worked as a Certified Public Accountant with one of the large accounting firms for 10 years, during which time I was transferred to Rio de Janeiro, in 1974.    


  In 1979, I left public accounting to help found a Brazilian Diving and Remote Controlled Vehicle Company providing services to Petrobras and later to other companies operating offshore Brazil.  Initially I was the Chief Financial Officer of the Company and later became the Managing Partner.


 In 2002 our Company was acquired by a Dutch multinational where I worked until my retirement in 2008.   I continue to reside in Rio de Janeiro and currently work as an independent consultant to the offshore Oil and Gas industry in Brazil.

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