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Vice President
Gina Carmo

Vice President-   GINA CARMO, entrepreneur- Inspire Travel


Gina Carmo grew up in the state of Ohio, and graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Communications.  Upon graduation, she worked for an American educational travel company in Washington, D.C. for several years where she was responsible for the operations of their experiential education programs in the United States and abroad.  


She first traveled to Brazil for work in 2003 and has lived in Rio since 2005.  She worked for a Brazilian incoming tour operator from 2005 to 2008 and then launched her own company, Inspire Travel, in January 2009.  


Through her business today, Gina uses her unique skills to connect international visitors to Brazil by creating and implementing customized, educational trips related to specific professions or areas of study/ interest.  This has included trips throughout Brazil for universities, NGOs and museums, as well as families.  She is an active member of the Educational Travel Consortium and serves as a volunteer on its DEI committee, whose aim is to bring about awareness of issues related to diversity, equality and inclusivity in the travel industry.  She also teaches private English classes to Brazilians.  Gina lives in Copacabana with her Carioca husband Gilberto and their two children.

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