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Our Mission

The American Society of Rio de Janeiro’s mission is to enhance the lives of Americans and friends of the United States of America living in Rio. We do this through celebrating American culture, building relationships and participating in purpose-driven service projects.  

Image by Naassom Azevedo

Founded in 1917, the American Society of Rio de Janeiro is a civil, non-profit organization with no political or religious affiliations. The organization originated in the midst of the World War I, when a group of American women in Rio got together to make bandages for the war effort. Their husbands decided to create a full-fledged organization to support their initiative and to maintain the American community united in a foreign city. For over a century, the Society has aimed to bring together Americans and other nationalities living in Rio de Janeiro, through celebrating American traditions and networking opportunities.


Memberships are open to all interested adults and their families of all nationalities.

Click on the links below to learn more about our Board of Directors and Executive Team.

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